Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'd like to introduce you to Melanie Gillotte who is a local LA photographer and artist.

She's taken her photography to a whole new level, creating beautiful photographic tile work, decorative plates and much more. Additionally, she has also put her crafty skills to work to hand-make custom photo albums like you will find no-where else.

Each of her tiles and plates are hand-done with any photograph you desire. Melanie takes the image and transfers it directly on to the tile or plate (only the image is transferred-it's not decoupage). The image is then sealed in for the added safety to the picture. The tiles are roughed up to create a beautiful, rustic look and can be custom framed by a fellow artist she works with or can be hung on the wall by itself or stood in a small plate stand on a shelf.

I have found, in my experience and research of her products that they make amazing and memorable heartfelt gifts for loved ones when you want to get them something really meaningful.

You can find her website at www.photoculturist.com (currently under construction, but will be up in the next couple weeks).

For more info on how you can get your hands on her stuff, e-mail her at photoculturist@yahoo.com.


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